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Drake - The Famous Name in Rap Music

Music could be the ultimate method to obtain entertain for everybody. It is a part of human life nowadays. Actually, music may be the medicine for soul. The romance for musicians and singers among people is beyond limitless which clearly reflects the recognition of which in addition to their prominence.


There are many music genres. Whenever people speak about rap, a name will come in everybody's mind. That's none other than Drake. Yes, Aubrey Drake Graham is probably the leading name in rap music. Who is able to forget hits like "Thank me later", "So far gone", with his fantastic first mixtape "Room for improvement", or anything else?

Rise of Drake - The brand new Rap Star
After his first mixtape (Room for improvement) release in the year 2006, he's never seen backwards. The response of audience was excess of anybody's wild guess. Although, it had been only accessible through his official MySpace page with his fantastic website, nevertheless it became instant hit. With this success, the new rising star has ventured into world rap.

Drake - First Unsigned Canadian Rap Star on BET
Right after "Room for improvement" in 2007, Drake released his next mixtape together with a single "Replacement girl" by him which also featured Trey Songz. It of "Replacement Girl", was featured on BET (Black Entertainment Television). It made him first unsigned Canadian rap star whose video was featured on BET as "New Joint in the Day".

Drake had been a popular name among music lovers, right before signing into a major record label. The immense positive response for his two previous mixtapes, Room for Improvement and Replacement Girl, Drake's voice became an easily recognizable voice among music lover.

His popularity was clarified with all the launch of his next mixtape "So Far Gone" last year. Drake again released this mixtape through his blog. The album was readily available for free download and it witnessed greater than 2000 downloads in first two hours of their release. Many of the singles like Successful, and finest I Been able to were the most famous tracks. After you have immense applaud from underground music lovers, this album also made its approach to radio.

Recently, the 1st official debut album of Drake "Thank me later" was launched on June 15, 2010. It was scheduled to discharge in late 2009, but as a result of some reasons the production got delayed. Using the success (as anticipated) of "Thank me later", Drake took over as first hip-hop artist who sold probably the most record in a single week.

However, it is a symptom. Drake has millions of lovers throughout the planet. He has just begun his official journey to music world and his awesome fans ensure he'll achieve heights of success and popularity. To enjoy his music, people can download almost all of his songs online. There are many websites that happen to be offering Drake songs in top quality.
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